The vPlus Weather app has been discontinued for now, thank you all very much for purchasing vPlus Weather.
We hope to make some future updates and to be able to carry out the best interaction for your transmissions together with the vMix software.
Note: For security, cancel billing within the Google Platform where you registered your credit card for the activation of the Google Maps APi.
After that, we are not responsible for the policies that may change Google with its platform.
– The software will continue to function for those who already have it running, until the end of October.
– The license had a 6-month guarantee, so until that date it would have corresponded to all the clients that they recently acquired.

vPlus Weather v1.3

vPlus Weather is a desktop application that allows you to extract the current temperature and generate forecast in real time, to be able to use it in your live productions.

It complements vMix, sends all the information through animated xaml graphics to be able to manipulate at the user’s pleasure.

vPlus Weather works through two Free APis of the following platforms (Google Maps and OpenWeather), so you only have to register and get the app right away, without spending any weight.

Google policies changed a few months ago, so the Google Maps API can register for free using a credit card, no balance will be charged.

What does vPlus Weather bring?

Characteristics and options

– Find sites around the world, using  Google Maps..
– 60 queries per minute *
– You can measure the time in CELSIUS or FAHRENHEIT.
– Extract the current and next temperature.
– The application creates its own 5-day forecast automatically based on the extracted information (extracts the maximum or minimum or regular temperature of the day).
– Pressure: mBar – hPa.
– Wind: mPs – kPh – mPh.
– Sunrise and sunset.
Humidity. .
– Controls the update time.
– Extract and keep complete records of the day to have information 24 hours.
– Panel editor: Change or correct the icons, description and name of the city of all information extracted.
– Change the color background of the xaml designs in real time.
– Add 2 xaml templates to send the information extracted in real time.

Broadcast Elegant News  – With UTC control (Includes UTC template)

Connection to vMix by the current host ( sends information in a single query, so the update and data connection are more fluid with the xaml files.


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