Platform rules and policy

Welcome to “vPlus”! We are a team of passionate and highly-skilled freelancers dedicated to delivering innovative graphic products for fair compensation. Therefore, vPlus is not a company or entity, and therefore we do not issue receipts or any other proof for the purchase of our products or services.
But despite this we have rules on the platform.

Platform rules and policy


We do not apply refunds for our products once they have been sold, this is because they are unlicensed graphic files.

The files are sent automatically once the payment is made.


We provide support for all our customers, this applies only for our products and not for problems external to it.
– If your vMix software is altered by third parties (Pirate-Crack), and this creates problems in the use of our products, we are not responsible, nor will we provide extra solutions to solve third party problems.
Our products:

Our products are free to use on any computer, this is because they do not come with any license and there are no limits on their use.

– Our products cannot be sold by our customers or shared publicly on social networks, on sales pages, etc.

– We reserve the right to ban the user or control access to downloads, if they violate these rules.

Support Online
Contact us through our online support channels.