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Change team colors

Customize the colors of the teams in the graphics.
Follow these steps:

  1. Inside the package in the folder called “Script”, Copy the code from the text file called “TColour”.
  2. Enter the vMix settings and add a new “Scripting”, inside paste the previously copied code and name it “TColour”
  3. Save changes.
  4. Enter the html “hex” color code that you have previously chosen.
    Example: “#FFFFF = White”
  5. Paste it into the corresponding cell in the excel database.
  6. Save Changes in the excel db.
  7. In the UTC application you have to execute the button with the “shirt” icon. This will apply the changes and the team colors you have chosen will be displayed.

In the video a google “hex” code generator is used.
Just put in the Google search engine “Colour Picker”.

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